Reduce the appearance of brown spots, brighten skin tone and improve texture with hydroquinone and non-hydroquinone products! 

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  • Brightalive® 50 ml

    Brightalive® 50 ml


    Non-retinol skin brightener formulated to even skin tone, reduce dark spots and restore hydration, while calming and soothing irritated skin.

    Newly remastered Brightalive ® Skin Brightener delivers advanced brightening technology. The clinically proven formulation is shown to increase luminosity and improve skin clarity. As a non-hydroquinone and non-retinol skin health solution, Brightalive® is ideal for all skin types with its mild, gentle formula.

    Brightalive® Skin Brightener is a patient favorite as a brightening solution. Our reformulation focuses on an intelligent approach to brightening since properly treating excess pigment is a complex process. There are many pathways both internal and external that contribute to the appearance of dark spots on skin, ranging from genetic factors to UV exposure.

    A brightening approach should address as many of these pathways as possible to improve the appearance of visible excess pigmentation on the skin. Newly remastered Brightalive® Skin Brightener takes these factors into consideration. To improve the overall complexion, both preexisting dark spots and new pigment formation must be addressed.

    This reformulation contains several ingredients that elevate Brightalive® as an intelligent brightening solution.

    • Intelligent peptide drone – Precision-driven encapsulated peptide helps to minimize the relapse of pigmentation and improves skin clarity
    • Tranexamic Acid – Mitigates UV-induced pigment formation without irritation or sensitivity
    • Niacinamide – Reduces the appearance of uneven skin tone + supports skin's barrier function

    Additionally, Brightalive® offers a variety of benefits to become a staple in any at-home protocol:

    • Improvement to overall skin quality
    • The decrease in size and intensity of dark spots
    • The soothing of redness and skin irritation
    • Lightweight hydration

    Along with the remastering of a favorite at-home solution, there is now the option to incorporate Remastered Brightalive® into in-office treatments + procedures. Brightalive® Serum Accelerated offers a 2X concentrated intelligent brightening + skin tone evening technology to elevate the results of numerous professional services.

    Additional benefits of Brightalive® Accelerated Serum include:

    • Calming + soothing benefits ideal for post-treatment skin
    • Boosted hydration benefits
    • Improvement to skin barrier function
    • Has been safely tested to be used with micro-needling

    From at-home use to in-office treatments, Brightalive® provides numerous benefits that make it a multi-modal approach to skin health.


    • Helps brighten and even skin tone
    • Soothes and calms irritated skin
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